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Non-sparking tools

When using these tools, dangerous situations have no spark of a chance. Created for the most demanding of applications, our tools offer you two advantages above all: certified quality and safety your life can depend on.

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The dimensions of perfection

Their safety lies in the materials we use. We make our tools from extremely wear-resistant non-ferrous alloys, either special bronze or copper beryllium, which are tested by the German Federal Office for Materials Research. Both grades are characterised by their zero-spark tolerance as well as high corrosion resistance. They are also anti-magnetic and a perfect compromise between ductility and hardness.

Almost all of our non-sparking tools are cast from either wood or plastic models. To ensure that your tool has perfect proportions, we follow a very specific principle: We record the data of the optimal cast and then constantly refer back to their exact dimensions throughout. In this way, we always guarantee perfect values and the highest quality standards.

Tested personally

The high quality of materials we use and the manufacturing process makes our tools ideal for use where there is a high risk of fire and explosion - such as in the chemical industry or pipeline construction. To be absolutely and totally sure, our tools are tested in both an official and our own DIN procedure. Every batch is randomly tested for mechanical properties and chemical composition. However, if this is not enough for you, you can have us carry out further tests including X-ray testing.