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With WGB-Basic you get a range of professional tools at entry-level prices. Useful tools that you can comfortably and confidently use, for demanding tasks in everyday life. In spite of some serious competition, our tools can stand with and even beat the best.

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There’s no catch

High-quality tools for so little money - what is the catch? Quite simply there isn’t one! The answer to why we can offer you our tools at such an attractive price lies solely in the fact that we do without our usual 25% extra branding. 100% performance but without the branding. We believe you’ll understand that it makes production significantly cheaper!

But make no mistake! Our WGB Basic range have very recognisable values. They lie in their professional quality. And a minimal loss of performance does not mean that our tools are less technically sophisticated - quite the contrary. They comply with all known standards. In some cases they even cut, screw and beat just as well, if not better than their competitors.

There are no compromises

Do not expect to make any compromises with these tools in terms of material either. WGB Basic tools, just as with our entire product range, are made from the best possible materials. Giving our tools exactly the same quality, durability and flexibility that you have come to expect from us. We are so convinced of this that we also give our Basic tools a ten-year guarantee as well. WGB-Basic - Standard has never been so superior!