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Sockets, accessories and sets

With our sockets and accessories, you’ll master any task, no matter how demanding. With WGB muscle power, forged in steel, you will overcome any challenge with a twist of your wrist!

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Sockets, ratchets and success

Made from high-alloy chrome vanadium steel, our ratchets are incredibly powerful and extremely resilient. With their balance of classic, and innovative operation, they offer an impressive variety of uses. With the range of extensions and adapters, they are particularly effective where conventional tools reach their limits.

Our sockets are just as strong. They can handle even the toughest loads and always guarantee safe and user-friendly handling. Their remarkable performance is due not only to the chrome vanadium steel we use but also to our high standards in tempering, manufacturing and quality control. They’ll let you crack even the hardest of nuts!

Cast to crack the toughest nut.

WGB tools are super stable and just as well thought out. Use them and be amazed. We give every standard socket our so-called EnergyProfile. When loosening or tightening, the force acts on the surfaces of the hexagon. This protects the corners and saves you from any extra work. We also offer a special insert with multi-profiles. With this optional socket, you can choose between five different profiles: Four-sided, six-sided and twelve-sided, as well as Torx and Spline. Fast work? Easy-peasy!