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Our screwdrivers are multitool talents. Tools you can use all everywhere you work. Even if they have to live a hard life, they will just shrug it off every time you use them.

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Give screws a scare

WGB screwdrivers are well known known for their enormous durability. They’re built tough because of the materials we use: high-strength chrome vanadium steel. Some are even made the extra-sturdy steel grade S2 which simply makes them even tougher.

And the the steel shank of our screwdrivers gives you another advantage. Because the blade runs through the entire handle it gives you the option of using our screwdriver as a chisel. And thanks to the additional impact cap on the handle, you can hammer away until the walls shake - or collapse.

Simply tangible

The ergonomic 2-component handle of our multitool talent is incredibly effective it’s also easy on the joints and makes it easier to work in oily and wet areas without compromise. Some of our screwdrivers also come a hexagonal attachment on the blade. This means you can achieve even more torque with the help of a spanner.