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Non-sparking tools

Non-sparking WGB tools are suitable for especially demanding application areas, in which sparks constitute potential fire and explosion risks. They are anti-magnetic and stand out due to an extremely high corrosion resistance compared to different media. They are manufactured from highly wear-resistant non-iron alloys (special bronze, copper-beryllium) and are officially tested by the Berlin federal office for materials research and testing.

Application areas
- Exploitation of oil and gas
- Petrochemistry
- Chemical industry
- Pipeline-operations
- Military
- Civil- and disaster control
- Gas- and electricity works
- Tank cleaner
- Lacquering

Quality control

To grant the highest quality standards of our non-sparking tools there is an additional test according to the DIN 50049.2.2 standard after every charge. The following is tested:

- Mechanical features (stretch limit, tensile strength, stretch, hardness)
- Chemical structure

Additional material tests

On request we can conduct additonal, fee required specific tests of every tool:

- Generation of a radiograph to retrieve shrinking
- Checking for surface cracks

Material analysis of non-sparking materials

You can find the results of the most detailed material analysis in our catalogue. Please ask for the catalogue or download it in our download section.

Production and quality control


Almost all of our non-sparking tools are cast from wood or plastic models. The models are manufactured dimensionally by adept and experienced model-makers according to the DIN standard for hand tools.


After the first cast the comprehensive test takes place. The material composition and calefaction, the sand moulds and the riser have to result in an optimal cast. This data is recorded, so that with every recurring cast at the same conditions the ideal values can be reached. By this a high quality assurance is reached.

Application advice

Due to their application non-sparking tools have to be softer than conventional tools. Therefore the application of these tools has to be carried out with special thoroughness. Overstrain has to be avoided.

The use of non-sparking tools should not be the only safety measure in fire and explosion hazardous areas. For comprehensive protection of staff and facilities please consider the regulations of your accident prevention & insurance association.


If you want to conduct post-processing at your tools yourself (e.g. resharpening), we are happy to send you our technical leaflet.

Non-sparking WGB-tools include a warranty for material and manufacturing defects. Damages incurred by incorrect handling or non-observance of the application device however are not included in this warranty. Subject to changes in material, process and design.


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