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Seriously tighten up your skillset with our spanners and get ahead of the game. Strip, dismantle, fix,
repair and reassemble for all you're worth. While others and struggling and slipping by the dozen, you’ll be really turning up the heat!

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Key factors - made to excel

Our spanners are the key to your success? When they’re in your hands our tools simply offer you more: More torque. More precision. More flexibility. More professionalism. By a factor of about 25%, because that’s precisely by how much we exceed the specified DIN standards - so if 200 Nm of torque is specified, our spanners will handle at least 250 Nm.

The same with our tolerances and hardness values. We manufacture higher than the DIN standard specifies, so what’s already good, we make even better. Our tools are also special because of the interplay between precise hardness and the great flexibility. Properties which are not so easy to combine. But with WGB, they become your greatest strength.

Stays as clean as steel

You know as well as we do that when you work in the professional sector, you have to be able to rely on your tools. You can rely on us 125%. We make it possible because of our choice of material: chrome vanadium steel. Not only because it’s super high quality, but it’s also extremely efficient. And, instead of our premium chrome-plating, we can offer you that special finishing touch: our ULTRA PRO-TEC surface. It gives your spanners up to 15 times more corrosion protection than conventional spanners.