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Hexagonal Wrenches

With our hexagonal wrenches you can loosen or tighten even the most difficult-to-reach screws and bolts. You can count on them - WGB tools won’t ever let you down.

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Precision is our motto

If you insist on only the best of the best you have come to the right place with our hexagonal wrenches, because we make ours from high-strength chrome vanadium steel - in part even from the even more robust S2 steel. WGB wrenches can handle even the toughest of tasks with ease, whilst many other other softer steel wrenches will break or lose their edge.

When manufacturing our tools, we pay special attention to their accuracy of fit. Small deviations in the width across flats can mean that a hexagonal wrench won’t fit into the screw precisely or is far too loose. We guarantee you precision of the highest order so that you’ll never get stuck with this problem, letting you get stuck into doing your job.

Won’t turn? Won’t happen!

With our smart innovations you can loosen or tighten even the most stubborn screw in no time at all - Turnado! Thanks to our patented WGB milling head, round-turned hexagon socket screws are no longer a problem for you. And even hard-to-reach places are a breeze from now on: with the ball and socket of our safety hex wrenches, you can get any screw in or out of anywhere - even if they’re stainless steel, because we do not rely on magnets, but on power.