WGB - Das Werkzeug

The History

Founded as the Westphalian duct and screw factory Breckerfeld in 1910 the company got registered one year later in the imperial trade register under the signet WSB - as a manufacturer of hardware for the daily use of the rural population.

With progressing industrialisation the Westfälische Gesenkschmiede Breckerfeld (Westphalian drop forge Breckerfeld) (WGB) takes on a new production branch of iron objects of utility and starts to manufacture the first spanners in the 1930s. 30 years later WGB developes the standard of the spanner modell which has been valid till today on the basis of long term forging experience and by using modern techniques.

Today - 100 years after the founding - the company positions itself as a know-how specialist with a wide range of quality tools for all fittings. Regular market analyses, dialogue with our customers and business partners as well as the technical and corporate development grant the ability to adjust to market situations and specific customer requests. Now and in the future.