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Working on voltage

In Germany as well as in most of the other countries it is the law that works on hot parts are only to be conducted under certain safety regulations and by trained specialists. The application of especially manufactured tools belongs to that. These have to be according to the international standard IEC 60900 (identically with EN 60900 for Europe and DIN EN 60900 for Germany).

Insulated VDE-tools

All our insulated tools have the VDE approval mark additionally to the DIN EN 60900 approval mark. In comparison with the DIN EN 60900 this means additional security:

Every production and testing point is individually examined, certified and regularly supervised by the VDE.

Every model of an insulated tool is put to the acid test regarding mechanical and electrical safety, before it gets a type-approval.

The VDE approval institute withdraws in irregular intervals test samples from the running production or the current stock for intensive random inspections.

Approval process during production

The approval processes during the running production constituted by the standards are complex and make sure that the requirements of the DIN EN 60900 standard are fulfilled without exceptions. Only by this it can be ensured that insulation thicknesses are maintained, that tool handles do not loose themselves during usage and do not get damaged by heat or cold.
By this various tests are conducted with the product in exactly defined intervals, these tests go far beyond the basic requirements of the usual standards for non insulated tools. These are e.g. crash and shock tests, resistance of heat and cold tests, pull tests, flame resistance tests etc…
At the end of the production process every tool will be tested with an AC voltage of 10,000 VAC. Only after passing this 100 % control routine check test, the tool can be used with AC voltage of 1,000 VAC (DC 1,500 VDC).

Tenfold safety!
Only then we are satisfied.

The VDE-logo is the proof

The VDE-logo proves that the manufacturer goes beyond his personal responsibility determined by the DIN EN 60900 standard and lets himself and his products be supervised by independent specialists of the VDE-institute.

The products

Whether conventional solutions with 2-component-handles or the complex tools with a double plastic insulation – both processes fulfill the requirements of the standard. The bi-coloured double insulation offers an additional safety factor, since the yellow alert colour under the red outer layer indicates reliably damages and wear of the insulation and therefore supports the dictated regular inspection.


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