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Even if the voltage increases tenfold - you won’t get a shock with our VDE tools. Electricity can no longer harm you thanks to squeaky-clean insulation. The only thing that might shock you is the number of tests that WGB tools have to pass.

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Two x 10,000

In Germany, as well as most other European countries, you need specially manufactured tools before you’re allowed to work on projects carrying a live current. Various test marks prove their e-protection. The VDE seal is particularly significant here because it certifies that your tool can easily withstand voltages of up to 1,000 V.

Of course WGB VDE tools have this seal. But for them to be allowed to do so at all, each one has to individually pass the toughest electrical and mechanical safety tests during and after manufacture. In the voltage test, for example, 10,000 V are run through them. This is not the last time, because the insulation properties are also checked in this way - with the difference that the tools spend 24-hours in a water bath. Then they are tested with 10,000 V for three minutes. And during this time, they can’t breakdown and no flashover can occur.

Testing makes champions

The cold impact test, on the other hand, is used to check the effectiveness of the PVC insulation materials. Weights are dropped onto the tools. To pass, there can be no cracks or damage whatsoever. This is followed by a battery of other tests that check the impact and shock resistance as well as the heat and cold resistance of our tools. At WGB we believe that testing makes perfect.