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Tool Storage

With MOFLEX, you keep everything on, in and beside your toolbox, tidy.

Not only do you always keep an overview, but you keep your tools in top condition as well. Everything is gonna be alright - and always to hand!

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Put in, take out, take with you or leave in.

You’re going to love MOFLEX, because it’s the type of tool storage that takes your flexibility to a new whole new level - and your tools as well. Our removable modules let you to take just the tools you need wherever you need to go. So instead of taking them all you only take the ones you need for the job.

Thanks to recessed grips and super-strong base plates, nothing’s going to go wrong on the way to a job, or when you get there. Nothing gets bent out of shape because the inserts won’t bend. They won’t get affected by moisture, dirt, lubricants or acids. What is more, they’ll fit into almost any workbench with the help of an adapter.

The Flexible One

With MOFLEX you’ll have a loads possibilities. And we mean loads, because it will transform your workshop trolley, toolbox or workbench into a serious construction kit. Choose between 40 module units in three different sizes. Each insert is already equipped with our tools. So you’ll be perfectly equipped right from the start. And if you have your own special tools, we even offer a do-it-yourself version. So welcome to the WGB universe - with MOFLEX welcome to space exploration.