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Torque wrenches

With our torque wrenches, the power will always turn in your favour - simply adjust it. WGB spanners transmit their torque power accurately and reliably with every turn - so you always hit the right amount of Newtons!

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Mechanics meets materials

It couldn’t be otherwise. WGB wrenches are made of the strongest steel! High-alloy chrome vanadium steel gives them maximum performance and endurance. Our wrenches are not only ultra strong, but also super precise: with extremely small tolerances, small graduations and a fine scale allowing you to make precise adjustments. The included instruction manual explains very simply how they work.

To ensure that you get exactly the torque you set on your wrench from day one, we calibrate every tool before delivery - accurately and provide a test certificate. If it needs any readjustment after a life of hard torquing, you can leave this recalibration to us. We’ll help your WGB torque wrench quickly and inexpensively get back to the accuracy you’re used to.

Muscle power with a twist

Our geared head wrenches with planetary gears, code name X-4, turns your torque wrench and all your other drive tools into the Mr Universe among tools - other wrenches will seem like half power by comparison. Our geared head wrenches enable you to achieve the highest torque through multiple reduction - with the least effort and in the smallest space. With us, a feat of strength is simply a matter of adjustment!