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What other’s pliers can do, we’ve done already. With our pliers you can take on almost any challenge. With ultra-sturdy construction, a strong grip and safe handling.

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No more twisting and slipping

Our pliers are made exclusively from alloy steel. When choosing the material, we paid particular attention to the challenges they will have to meet in the future. However, their different strengths are all based on one common feature. After mechanical processing, each pair of our pliers is inductively hardened and tempered depending on its future use. This makes our tools extremely stable and gives them maximum cutting and gripping forces.

Thanks to a wide range of special pliers, you no longer have to compromise a job by twisting and breaking. With our tools you always have the right solution at hand - and no matter which one you’re looking for, we have it at WGB. The only thing you have to do is grab one.

Everybody else gets pinched

No need to worry about your fingers, because thanks to an increased grip distance our pliers never get stuck so you won’t get anything pinched. In general, many of our tools have subtleties and innovations that make all the difference. The cutting edges of our cutting pliers are inductively hardened. And our pliers, with that extra bit of grip, can even hold a single sheet of paper without any problem. Capabilities that not every other tool can demonstrate because you’ll get pinched.