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Various tools

At first glance, you might think that everything around here is about screws. But you’d be wrong! You do not need to jump the gun. At WGB we have tools to make your heart beat faster, even whilst you’re cutting, scraping, screwing and grinding.

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Meet your new favourite tool.

If you only ever choose the best of the best, you have come to the right place! Like all our other tools, this selection is quality you can see as well as feel. Of course, that’s because we only use first-class materials in every tool we produce and make sure every single tool meets the highest professional standards.

Here’s where you will find your go-to tool for every job. In WGB’s wide range of products you’ll find tools for almost every application: whether it’s automotive, plumbing or woodworking - to name just a few. You will always find what you are looking for, because we have the tools for every kind of work. Hammers? Yes, we have them too.

Don't worry, be happy - and safe!

Naturally, WGB tools match all German as well as international standards. It’s a big claim, but one we can make with confidence, because we pay close attention to the smallest details, in all of our planning and production. It’s why we say, Made by WGB! And, you know, if something should go differently than planned, relax. Every one of our tools comes with a 40-year guarantee. Yes, that’s correct, a 40-year guarantee! So when you make friends with a WGB tool, it’s a friendship that will last for decades!